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English Schools Sakon Nakhon English Kids Club Turning an English Corner with English Kids Club Sakon Nakhon

English Schools Sakon Nakhon English Kids Club Sakon Nakhon

Welcome to English Kids Club, where we are open seven days of the week. English Kids Club provides a wide range of phonics driven, English workshop classes, which are specifically designed for young ESL learners of all ages. What is really different about the teaching methodology at English Kids Club, is the direct approach to your child’s educational needs. Our native English teachers teach your children how to speak English the same way their parents taught them how to speak English fluently. The more your child communicates in English the more comfortable and confident they will become conversing in English.

Flexible Study Hours

English Kids Club is conveniently located in the heart of Sakon Nakhon City. We offer a flexible monthly fixed price English workshop, where your child can receive up to five hours of English tutorial in any given week totalling an astonishing 20 hours in any given paid month. This allows your child to participate in all our school’s activities, these are broken down into two categories.

The first of the two English categories is, Teaching young learners By Doing. This comprises two separate 90-minute. (3 hours) English sessions which are split into four areas, listening, Reading, writing and speaking.


Free Homework Club Mondays and Tuesdays

The second category is our Homework revision Club. The homework club is open on Mondays and Tuesdays. Children may attend for up to, two hours., either on a Monday or Tuesday. The Homework Club has been specifically designed with particular emphasis, put on revising of previous weeks lessons. In addition to this, The Teaching Team. will provide additional help with your child’s school English coursework. Therefore, providing the foundation tools to achieve higher school grades.

Fixed Price Monthly English Workshops

As well as being extremely low cost, our English Workshop for children is jam-packed with speaking, reading and writing activities. These activities will keep your children not only busy but entertained too. But, what we really understand, is that children should never be pushed into something too fast. Children need to be treated like children, with the focus put on them to enjoy downtime during their lessons. Downtime actually allows kids to express their inner imagination, to invent their own games. If a child does not have enough downtime, this can cause stress to the child and hinder their learning ability.